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Rehabilitation of Apron C & D, Delethaization and Navaids Infrastructure Works at Al Bateen Executive Airport

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Project Overview

Rehabilitation of Apron C & D: It was completed in two stages, the first stage contained portions from Apron C, and the other stage consisted of the reminder of Apron C and the overall area of Apron D. The work in stage two represented a challenge in both time and size. The contract achieved ten days before the target to serve Formula One Rally. The contract consisted of the following activities:

a.Concrete Apron C and D rehabilitation (Area: more than 73,000 m2). Work included: saw cutting of concrete, chipping of concrete, cleaning with air blast and concrete repair mortar poured with curing.


b.Expansion joints work for Apron C and D (more than 10,000 linear meter). Work included: saw cutting of joints edges, removal the old sealant, cleaning with air blast, fixing of masking tape on the joints edges, fixing the backer rode and pouring of joint sealant.


c.Replacement of selected deteriorated concrete panels at both aprons (C & D).

Delethaization works: Stabilization works of (2,000,000 m2)/cut, fill, soil disposal, laying of road base with compaction and compaction test including Infrastructure works & Taxiway works.

Navaids Infrastructure Works:

  1. Installation (64) No. of power and communication pre-cast concrete manholes.

  2. Duct bank works: Laying of 8,700 LM of power and communication ducts with concrete casting. Work include: excavation of duct trench, laying of uPVC pipes (4 Nos.), concrete casting of ducts, laying of earthing copper cables, fixing of warning tape and soil backfilling with compaction.

  3. Supply and fixing more than 100,000 LM of uPVC pipes.

  4. Fixing of RVR foundations with all connections for power and communication ducts.

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