Corporate | Al NISR Roads and Building Contacting L.L.C

Who We Are?

Al NISR Roads and Building Contacting L.L.C is a construction company established in 2010 and registered in accordance to the requirements of UAE laws. We are registered in Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Emirates of Dubai. We have grown in to one of the leading Airports Infrastructure, Roads and Building contracting company. Al NISR is a reputed company with a remarkable progress of works. We have good chain of technical staff, essential machineries and strong financial background to handle big projects anywhere in United Arab Emirates. We intend to promote high standards in construction with discipline and quality consciousness and timely completion of projects.


Al NISR strives to evolve through investigating advanced technologies, industry changes of our clientele. We will continuously diversify our skill to distinguish us from our competition and foster loyal customers.


Al NISR aspires to be the recognized leader in the construction industry, committed to Airports Infrastructure and Road Projects across United Arab Emirates. We strive always to provide the highest value to our customers, and community with a critical eye towards safety, quality and service.

Core Values

Al NISR Roads and Building Contacting believe that nothing is impossible in the field of engineering and construction. Our engineers are creative individuals and Al NISR thrives on turning those creative visions into realities. Every technical problem is an opportunity for creative problem solving.

  • Safety No task is too important that we cannot do it safely. We uphold a positive and proactive safety culture, and lead by example in all aspects of our business. We strive to exceed best practice, and instill this value in personnel.
  • Quality We are committed to finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. We place a high value on relationships, as these relationships have built our success.
  • Teamwork Our most important asset is people and we foster teamwork at all levels. We value our people and our relationships and enjoy seeing success in others, whether we are helping an employee to reach their full career potential or helping a client by delivering a successful project.
  • Integrity We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with personnel, clients, subcontractors and the public.
  • Innovation We acknowledge the weaknesses within our industry and create ethical, forward thinking solutions to overcome them. We identify, develop and deploy leading edge construction methods, plant and equipment and process improvement tools.


We believe that our Employee and Customer satisfaction is a key driver of growth & profitability. Our commitment is to continuously empower our employees through various training programs and there by improve the satisfaction of our customers.